Recipe: Green Goddess Elixir

Green smoothies, we’ve all heard the hype & seen the pictures of the super-fit & healthy carrying their status symbols, but is it actually any good for you & are they easy to make?

Well there are various health benefits to consuming the ever popular green smoothie, but I won’t go into that any further here as I’ll write a post dedicated to this in the future. For now I want to tell you how easy they are to make & how to create my Green Goddess Elixir!

When I created this a few years ago I’d been experimenting with green smoothies to try and find ones that I absolutely loved rather than those I drank in spite of their taste just because I knew they were nourishing me. Most were OK, but nothing to write home about, but I made this one and it was heaven, so of course I had to share it!

I’ve never really followed recipes to create my green smoothies, (mostly through laziness!), just throwing in what I felt like instead, which as you can imagine has made for some interesting if not questionable flavours! I’m not so gung-ho now though, as I’ve learnt to navigate the downfalls of the smoothie, such as gaining fat & blood sugar spikes, which you definitely want to avoid when trying to have a healthy diet. Now I want to carefully balance my smoothie to ensure it contains the right amount of calories for a tasty liquid snack or combined with something else for a satisfying meal. I also restrict the amount of fruit to avoid overloading my body with sugary carbs & the dreaded blood sugar spike! This, of course, is easier said than done as we all love the taste of fruit in green smoothies, making what is often a rather bitter drink palatable. So my advice is to put as little fruit as possible in according to your own personal taste, but don’t worry it’s alright to have the odd fruit laden smoothie as long as it isn’t a daily habit!

This Green Goddess Elixir isn’t your everyday smoothie as it does have a fairly high carbohydrate content due to the banana, but I just can’t resist a banana smoothie!

It’s so wonderfully rich, creamy & indulgent you can hardly believe it’s actually good for you! The base is simply water, (a way to keep the calorie content down, without losing any of the taste), spirulina (a great source of copper, iron and essential fatty acids), bee pollen (which has many health benefits and is a good source of B vitamins), a small amount of avocado (to give a healthy dose of good fats and creaminess), pea protein powder (a nice vegan source of protein, but you can use whichever suits your body best) and frozen bananas (to give energy in the form of carbohydrate, add thickness, flavour and a fantastic source of potassium, vitamin B-6, manganese and vitamin C).

I’ve also included the nutritional info below to help you plan your diet, just a note to say that the values which are zero are only because I didn’t have that information to hand!

So without further ado here’s the recipe so you can try it out for yourself.


200ml Filtered/Spring Water

1tbsp/25g Avocado

100g Spinach

1tsp/5g Spirulina

1tsp/5g Bee Pollen

200g Frozen Banana (or for a less indulgent smoothie just add 100g, it still tastes great and halves the sugary carbs)

2 heaped dessert spoons/20g Pea Protein (or your favourite protein powder)


  1. Simply put everything in a good blender and mix on high until it is smooth and completely liquified. I use a Vitamix which makes quick work of the frozen banana but any good blender will do, it will simply take longer. I usually put the water and powders in first to make sure they don’t get stuck to the lid, but any order you fancy is fine.
  1. All that’s left to do is pour out your beautifully deliciously thick and nutritious green smoothie into chilled glass and enjoy!

I hope you love this smoothie as much as I do!

I originally uploaded this post in the Summer of 2015, but let me know how you like it below and hopefully with some more experiments I’ll have more recipes coming up!

Louise x



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