What is Candida & Is It Making You Ill?

Candida or Candidiasis, a little recognized underlying health issue in the UK, is an important issue to remedy in order to be healthy & function at your very best. Most doctors only treat Candidiasis in extreme cases, or commonly when it occurs as a vaginal infection known as thrush. When they do recognize & treat Candidiasis it is usually with a course of medication you can buy yourself over the counter. This does often resolve the immediate issue & the uncomfortable itching goes away, but what you probably didn’t realize is that candida also lives in other parts of your body & can become a chronic issue if left untreated. This wreaks havoc with your health, lowering your immunity & causes various unpleasant conditions, such as leaky gut syndrome.

Candida are forms of yeast which naturally live in your gut, there over 20 different strains, the most common is Candida Albicans, & it is perfectly healthy as long as it’s kept in balance with the good bacteria in your gut. If it does get out of balance it can cause varied undesirable symptoms, from tiredness, irritability & bloating, to ‘brain fog’ an inability to think clearly.

In a healthy person the bacteria shouldn’t get out of balance, but modern lifestyles can throw our delicately balanced microbiome, the ecosystem of our gut, out of whack. Candida feeds off sugar so an unhealthy sugar laden diet can put you at risk of developing a bad infection, stress can also increase your risk, but the most common cause is modern medicine, specifically antibiotics.

I’m by no means demonizing antibiotics, they’re a lifesaving necessity, but all too often they’re needlessly prescribed & when you take an antibiotic you kill the bacteria in your gut, the good, the bad  & the downright ugly! Remember antibiotics should never be taken lightly & used only when completely necessary. So if you’ve taken antibiotics recently or even many years ago you could be suffering from unbalanced gut flora.

So how can you tell if you have a candida problem?

First I’d recommend thinking about your symptoms, & take this  questionnaire to see if they match the wide-ranging ones linked to Candida. Secondly think about your diet, are you craving lots of sugary or starchy foods, because one of the reasons we desire these foods is due to a candida overgrowth. Thirdly look at your tongue, is it white & furry, if it is that’s candida!

Once you know if candida could be making you ill, you need to know how you can treat it & in future posts I’ll fill you in on some possible treatments & what I’m doing to resolve my own Candida issues.

Remember the good news is Candida is 100% treatable; you just have to know where to start.

Before then let me know below if you suspect you have candida issues?

Take care,

Louise x

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