My Story

Hi I’m Louise, I live in beautiful Britain & I’ve suffered from ill health for as long as I can remember.

My life has been a constant battle with debilitating tiredness & illness, but it wasn’t until I had to leave school during my A Levels, back in 2007, that I realized how serious my condition was. I could hardly get out of bed, breathing was difficult and just leaving the sofa to go to the kitchen would leave me breathless & exhausted. Studying was the least of my worries, & as I was only able to make it to school for a few hours each week it was clear by the end of year 12 that it was time to leave. I was crushed, university was all I had ever wanted & dreamed of attending some prestigious institution, but without any energy it was a fantasy. I couldn’t even imagine any possible future for myself, I mean what life is there for a person who can hardly do anything without needing a week in bed afterwards!

In a final attempt to get to the bottom of my problems I visited the GP, again (I had been many times before looking for answers), but instead of listening to me & trying to help he simply gave up on me, declaring that all my problems would be solved by exercise and love!  I was devastated, I could hardly walk without a wave of exhaustion & here was a medical professional telling me everything would be solved with a bit of exercise and a boyfriend! Needless to say the visit left me in a state of deep depression, I was too tired to fight anymore & just gave up. Without the support of my mum that is probably where I would still be, she never gave up on me & after a suggestion from one of her work colleagues, we visited a holistic environmental hospital based in Hertfordshire to try and get some answers, but I even had to be persuaded to do this as I was sooo tired of doctors.

The appointment started with, like any other, a general medical history I’d related so many times before & an examination. However instead of the usual response the doctor ran a complete set of tests for food allergies, viruses, my bodies energy production etc. & it finally seemed as if someone was actually taking me seriously for once instead of insisting it was all in my head. The tests came back and although I didn’t yet know what was wrong with me we had some answers. My body’s cells couldn’t produce enough energy, I had a chronic virus in my system my body was too weak to fight, as well as various other things. I was given supplements to take to make me feel better & help with my energy, whilst they still tried to figure out what was the cause of all my problems. After a few weeks I had more energy than I had had in a long time, but this simply meant I didn’t have to lie down for most of the day, & I could think enough to be able to start my A Levels again through distance learning so I could stay at home & do it when I felt able.

Eventually in 2009 after a year of visiting the hospital they came up with the answer, I had Lyme Disease. It’s an illness relatively sidelined in Britain & as it is so difficult to diagnose even I had to have two blood tests to finally confirm it. I was so happy, I had finally found out what was wrong with me, I had more energy from the treatment I had already received & I had just completed an AS Level, life seemed on the up, but once I started the treatment for Lyme Disease I soon wished my only problem was the tiredness. I suffered a devastating herxheimer reaction to the toxic waste released by the bacteria as it died, which left me weak, sicker than I’d ever been in my life & completely terrified. It was then that I learnt of the importance of my diet & lifestyle in helping to rid myself of the disease with as few a side effects as possible.

It’s been a long & difficult road but in the summer of 2012 I was told I was Lyme Disease free, but as all suffers know they can never truly say you are rid of the disease, as they simply don’t know enough about it yet & it is extremely difficult to test for even when your body in riddled with it! However even though I was free of the disease I was still tired & ill, but I had just completed my first year of university, something that had previously been unimaginable, & things were looking hopeful for the future. The hospital ran more tests, but it was apparent that my body just needed to heal from the continual antibiotics I had taken & the disease itself, including candida & a leaky gut, & that my best bet was to take my healing into my own hands. Before I left their care I did some various other worthwhile treatments & also discovered I had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic autoimmune problem that has probably contributed to my ill health over the years. Discovering I had EDS was a watershed moment as I realized that no matter what I did I’d always be more prone to illness than other ‘healthy’ people and it was now my responsibility to keep myself the healthiest I could be.

So that’s how my search for ways to heal & maintain my health began & over the past few years, I’ve tried many things, some good, some not so good, & I want to share my experiences with you in the hope it could help you find the healing & healthier lifestyle you’ve been searching for. I am so much better now than I can remember, I graduated with a first class degree in 2014, completed a postgraduate diploma in 2016, have been in full time work since then, & have begun to have a ‘normal’ life, something I never imagined was possible.

However with so much healing still to be done & new research being undertaken all the time, I’m far from finishing my journey & I’ll try anything to live a life free from ill health!

So please join me on this pilgrimage to Conquer chronic disease, Discover vibrant health & Create the life you’ve always dreamed of, it’s sure to be an enlightening journey!

Wishing you the best of health and an amazing journey

Louise x


4 thoughts on “My Story”

    1. Dear Louise. I had no idea you were in such a state as you look so healthy, happy and vibrant in your photos. It is good you now know what you are dealing with. We have to be careful here where I live as the tick problem has been getting worse and there are many deer and other wildlife around for the ticks to live on. I have an Aussie Shepherd and we walk daily. I am worried he may pick up the ticks. There is a medication for him but it cost a fortune. I am glad you feel better and it’s a good thing you have that Woof stubborn streak. Your a fighter. Your a Woof. Need I say more?

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      1. Hi Stephen, Well I am a lot better now, but that’s another problem with Lyme it actually makes people look healthy. It’s good that you know the risks where you live & Woof in me definitely keeps me going!!


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