I’ve started CrossFit!!!!

In the last few weeks I’ve embarked on a new fitness journey and honestly I can’t believe it’s actually taken me this long!!!I might have only started classes a couple of weeks ago but my CrossFit experience started almost nine years ago!

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My Battle With Lyme Disease: part 2.

The other week I wrote about starting my Lyme treatment and when I originally uploaded this post to my first blog in 2015, it took me a long time to write. Reliving past traumas can be truly hard and it was only 6 years afterwards I felt strong enough to write about it. The process… Continue reading My Battle With Lyme Disease: part 2.

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My Battle with Lyme Disease: part 1.

It’s time to talk about Lyme Disease. I touched upon this in My Story and how hard it is to get a diagnosis, but before discussing Lyme treatment I'll give you a glimpse of my personal treatment. I want to give you the whole picture and highlight the importance of preparation and the consequences and… Continue reading My Battle with Lyme Disease: part 1.

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Learning to put the brakes on!

Knowing when to say ‘I’ve done enough, I’m exhausted and it’s time to put the brakes on’, is hard! It’s something I definitely struggle with and an awful lot of other people do too, but why? It really shouldn’t be, it should be as simple as breathing. We can usually tell if we’re hungry (this… Continue reading Learning to put the brakes on!